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What should you look for in quality timber?

When looking for quality timber, there are a few things to watch out for. You should be checking things like appearance, colour, weight and structure. All of our timber is pressure treated to ensure quality.

What building materials do you have?

What building materials don’t we have is the better question! We stock sawn timber, posts, cladding, fence panels, gates and much more. All you need for landscapinggardening and decorating.

How do wooden acoustic panels work?

Acoustic panels or noise-stop barriers are constructed to help repel unwanted sound, which will reduce noise levels and tackle both noise and echo. Perfect for if you live in a busy area, or run a business where you don’t want unnecessary noise.

How do I pick an interior paint?

When picking an interior paint you want to find something that matches the colour palette of the appliances, and that you will be happy to see every day. Check the type of paint is appropriate for the room, as different climates such as a bathroom will require different paint.

When is the right time to replace fence panels?

You should replace fence panels if you notice your fence is leaning, rotting, splintering or when patch repairs are no longer cost-effective. Check out Hales Sawmills fence panel selection here.

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