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BIG TOM Super Tomato Food 1.25L + 50%

£4.16 Ex. VAT
Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food is enriched with essential nutrients that are easily absorbed for increased yields and tastier

BONE MEAL 1.5kg Box

£3.67 Ex. VAT
Westland’s Bonemeal is a naturally sourced feed that slowly releases nutrients into the soil. The Bonemeal contains Calcium to keep


£3.32 Ex. VAT
Organic slow-release root building plant food Nutrients – NPK 3.5-17-0 Recommended Uses – Trees, shrubs, roses and other plants 1kg


£7.98 Ex. VAT
Combination lawn feed and moss killer in liquid form Rapidly greens up the lawn in 3 days Encourages grass growth

Fish, Blood & Bone 1.5kg Box

£3.67 Ex. VAT
Westland  Fish, Blood and Bone is a good natural source of all three of the major nutrients. Nutrients are taken

Gro-Sure Super Enriched All Purpose Plant Food – 1L + 50%

£4.16 Ex. VAT
A great all-round feed for plants, vegetables and flowers. Seaweed enriched and packed with nutrients for healthy flowers and fruits.

Levington Tomorite 1L+30%

£4.90 Ex. VAT
Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food is the country’s favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes, enriched with seaweed extract. It is

Miracle Gro All Purpose

£5.87 Ex. VAT
Miracle-Gro Premium All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food contains a temperature-controlled coating which regulates the release of nutrients when the


£5.03 Ex. VAT
Essential mix of nutrients for all plants. Can be applied prior to seeding or turfing lawns. Produces strong and healthy