Groovy Lite Reflective Acoustic Barrier

Groovy Lite Reflective Acoustic Barrier

The GroovyLite system is simple to specify and install, even on uneven ground and sloping sites. The solid timber panels simply fix to the timber posts or slot into the concrete posts. 

Manufactured from solid interlocking Pine boards the GroovyLite panels are all 1.83m (6 feet) in width and available in a choice of heights ranging from from 900mm up to 2000m. There is also an option for a more decorative finish by adding trellis to the tops of the panels. The panels also have gravel boards on the base designed to give premium long term performance even in ground contact situations. 

Proven Long Term Protection:

All the timbers used on the GroovyLite system are preservative treated Pine. They are high pressure treated within Hales own treatment facilities with next generation TANALITH wood preservative, the leading choice for the long term protection of exterior timbers against the threat of wood decay and insect attack. Using Pine allows a superb penetration and distribution of the preservative into the timbers. Also the timber posts and the gravel boards are surface incised to provide an even more assured performance from these critical ground contact components. This tried and tested protection against decay organisms ensures all the GroovyLite components have a 15 years desired service. 

Helping Create Better Everyday Environments

It is estimated that around 40% of the UK population is exposed to road traffic noise during the day time of about 55dB and 20% are exposed to higher levels over 65dB. The problem increases when engine speeds change, for instance on hills, at lights or at crossroads. There is a growing body of evidence concerning the adverse effects noise can have on health and general quality of life. Current evidence indicates that prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can lead to mental health and physiological symptoms.

Test Results

GroovyLite has been independently tested by Salford University to Highways England requirements – BS EN 1793 Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices. The average reduction achieved with the GroovyLite system in the laboratory tests was 25dB, giving the highest rating of B3 – the rating required for highways schemes.


Case Study

Hales has carried out practical testing of the GroovyLite system at a private lodge property close to a busy trunk road in Shropshire. 

The owners were previously unable to utilise the front garden area because of high traffic noise and also wanted to have more
privacy from passing traffic.

Hales designed and installed the new GroovyLite perimeter fencing at the front of property creating a private and more noise acceptable environment for everyday use. 

On a typical mid-week, midmorning, noise levels were simultaneously recorded both at the roadside and behind the newly erected acoustic fencing. 

The noise level readings were recorded over a 15 minute period. The results showed an average noise reduction of 16.45 decibels on the property side of the GroovyLite fence, meeting the B3 highways rating

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