Diamond Lattice Trellis

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Size Code
Convex 30cm x 183cm DT1
Concave 27cm x 183cm DT2
Convex 45cm x 183cm DT3
Convex 60cm x 183cm DT5
Rectangle 30cm x 183cm DT7
Rectangle 45cm x 183cm DT8
Rectangle 60cm x 183cm DT9
Rectangle 90cm x 183cm DT10
Rectangle 120cm x 183cm DT11
Rectangle 150cm x 183cm DT12
Rectangle 180cm x 183cm DT13
Convex 160cm x 183cm DT14
Concave 157cm x 183cm DT15
Corner 45cm x 45cm DT20
Rectangle 30cm x 290cm DT16
Rectangle 60cm x 290cm DT17


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Our diamond lattice trellis panels feature a 40mm gap and a heavy duty framing. This framing enables these panels to be well suited for screening areas of the garden added privacy where its needed, as well as being suitable to act as a support for climbing flowers and plants.

In addition, these trellis panels can be used as fence toppers for both traditional closebaord and overlap panels as well as some of our more decorative panels. this provides additional height to a fence without being obtrusive at the same time.

All our trellis panels are pressure treatment to enhance durability.


Planed all round with rounded corners Framing = 30mm x 30mm
45mm x 45mm (DT13, DT14, DT16, DT17) Lattice Width = 20mm
Lattice Thickness = 8mm
Lattice Gaps from Inside Edges = 40mm


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